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** The Internet ** 2005 May  IMAGE 
1, 2, Lissajous 2006 December   
3D City 2005 May  PROJECT 
2005 June   
A Pair of Paradoxes 2011 December  IMAGE 
A radical price of free 2009 June   
A T-Ball Team 2007 June   
After The DEMISE Party 2006 April   
Backwards Compatible 2005 May  IMAGE 
Bicycle 2005 May  IMAGE 
Bird Flu 2005 October  PROJECT 
Brill's Content 2005 June  PROJECT 
Cedric Price 2005 June  PROJECT 
Computer Music 2008 January   
Constructs 2005 May  PROJECT 
Corcoran Gallery of Art 2005 May  PROJECT 
Creative Time 2005 May  PROJECT 
Criteria for selecting a new tool 2006 August   
Dean Sakamoto Architects 2005 May  PROJECT 
Definitely, Maybe (MIT Science Fiction Society Library) 2006 October   
Deja Vu 2005 October  PROJECT 
Free Library 2 2005 October  PROJECT 
Get Rich Or Die Tryin 2005 May  IMAGE 
Gold Card 2005 May  PROJECT 
I took this photo in Vancouver in December 2006 April   
ING-ORG 2005 May  IMAGE 
It's hard work being so low-resolution 2005 October  IMAGE 
It's your birthday, Benjamin Franklin 2006 January   
Lasers! 2005 May  PROJECT 
Long Is City 2005 May  PROJECT 
Long Is Pepsi 2005 May  PROJECT 
Manhattan Modern Map 2005 May  PROJECT 
Massless Medium 2005 May  PROJECT 
Max Protetch Gallery 2005 May  PROJECT 
Metrocard Vending Machine 2005 May  PROJECT 
National Design Awards 2005 June  PROJECT 
New Tech Center 2005 September  IMAGE 
New York University 2005 June  PROJECT 
Nice little bluebird 2005 May  IMAGE 
Online Route Generator 2005 June  PROJECT 
Open Letter 2005 October  PROJECT 
Open Records Generator 2005 July  SOFTWARE 
Open-Reading-Group 2006 May  WRITING 
Organization for Cultural Exchange and Disagreement 2005 May  PROJECT 
Pure Data 2005 August  PROJECT 
Re-Connections: 2005 May  PROJECT 
SCREEN 2007 June   
Stolen Diamonds 2005 May  IMAGE 
StoryCorps 2005 May  PROJECT 
StoryCorps MOBILE 2005 May  IMAGE 
StoryCorps U.S. Tour 2005 August  PROJECT 
T Mobile 2011 September   
Terminal 5 2005 May  PROJECT 
The Zeta Function 2005 December   
This morning at the US consulate 2005 November  IMAGE 
This stands as a sketch for the future. 2007 October   
Your Search Ends Here 2005 May  IMAGE